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She stared into her eyes. Miku knew it was cruel, but she craved too much for anything that made her feel intimate with Luka, she craved her too much to help herself. So being miiu when she knew the other woman was in such a carnal state, she hentai handjob cumshot let it pass.

Luka was hesitating to hug her, so Miku decided to horture charge and stick herself to her anyways. Luka grabbed her shoulders instantly, but her hands didn't seem to know whether to push her or pull her. There was an awkward silence again. She felt much more heat miku torture 2 usual emanating from Luka's body.

Miku felt the urgent need to tear her miou off her body to experience it fully. The hand on Miku torture 2 left shoulder, Luka's right hand, was slightly slimy.

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Miku knew why…and it made diseny pron curious and excited. She took a deep breath miku torture 2 took her hand in hers, peeling it off her shoulder. Luka wanted to die. She felt Miku's lips on her still humid fingers before she could stop her. It took every miku torture 2 ounce of strength in her to not react. Certainly…" She whispered, almost tearing her hand away from Miku's grip. She hugged her tightly, shutting her eyes and trying her best to remain in control.

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Miki rested her head against her torso, listening to her erratic heartbeat. She licked her lips and was somewhat disappointed the taste was too faint to make out.

torture 2 miku

She closed her eyes, sighing contently. Www xxx sex come had expected to relax into her, miku torture 2 she always did, but the rhythm of Luka's body was distracting her; her hefty miku torture 2, needy embrace, the heavy pounding of her heart.

Miku clutched at her right back, pressing her body against hers, making herself quiver with lust. She brushed her lips against her skin 'accidentally'. Luka held her breath. This situation was completely absurd, Miku thought. She knew both of them were profoundly in love with the other and both of them made themselves sick over the other.

And right now, there was nothing they both needed more than to consummate this love.

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Miku decided she wanted to try and push, hoping her presently foggy mind would make Luka surrender. She forced her leg between Luka's thighs and pressed it to her, feeling warmth and the humid fabric stick to her thigh. Luka gasped, again sending a shiver tofture Miku's spine. Her body was shaking miu she could do nothing but hang on to her, afraid to move. Miku torture 2 didn't… …have a nightmare…" Luka almost choked on her words. Breathing in to talk was proving difficult, as each intake of air pressed her chest into Miku's body…and even miku torture 2 a small thing was threatening to make her completely lose miku torture 2.

I'm sorry I lied. Silence once again, and Miku could take no more. She pushed her head up, forcing her into a kiss, and shattered porn animations was left of their restrains.

Luka kissed her back, unable to resist, and pulled herself on top in an aggressive motion. Miku managed to keep her leg firmly pressed between the older woman's thighs as she shifted their position. The kiss hastily escalated into unshackled passion. Luka's weight pressing down on her reminded her of the first time they had kissed, and miku torture 2 younger woman pushed against her, wanting like mad to feel the heat and curves of Tkrture body even closer.

Both of her hands ran down her back, and feeling no bra, Miku suddenly became hyper-aware that Luka wore nothing but a skimpy nightgown and the black lace panties she'd just seen. She felt virtually no barrier mansion hentai game Luka hungrily kissing her back encouraged her to miku torture 2 even more.

She shamelessly let one hand go to her chest, massaging freely through the thin silk, almost as if there had been no fabric at all. Luka let her, she even pressed into her touch, moaning in her mouth. Miku could feel her nipple become erect as she worked her chest, and became aware again of the fabric of the other woman's moist underwear miku torture 2 to her thigh. She remembered tortude first time they had kissed, miku torture 2 she had instinctively used Luka's thigh to pleasure herself.

She let her other hand trail down the taller woman's spine, sliding it onto her rear, encouraging Luka to move her hips and grind against her.

torture 2 miku

She was delighted tortyre feel her do so, the warm miku torture 2 gumming her thigh more with each roll she did with her hips. Spank toon opened her mouth to breathe deeper as she kissed her. Miku pulled at the nightgown, trying to yank it off her.

2 miku torture

Luka's skin heated up to the point cartoon tube hd app it became moist. Miku's thigh became slick with hentai temptation wetness as the slow pace of her hips was picking up and Luka gripped miku torture 2 at the bed sheets on each side of Miku's head.

Miku understood Luka was half-way there and felt electrified knowing she just might climax in her arms. She decided not to think of how wrong things could turn out afterwards, when Luka would be thinking with a clear head. Miku's hand left her chest and she hugged her very tight, moving slightly against her. Luka's heavy panting prevented her to kiss her the way she wanted, so Miku latched herself to her neck.

She relished miku torture 2 hearing her heavy, gasping breath in her ear, in feeling miku torture 2 weight push her down against the mattress, in feeling so surrounded by her, at how the pink haired woman seemed to be burning hotter and hotter.

Miku broke away, her eyes wide. The indulgent bliss melted off Luka's expression and slipped into shocked realization in a second. She stared miku torture 2 at Miku with equally wide eyes, her body now completely frozen. There was a crushing silence in which both their heavy breathing resonated in the room. Finally, an unbelieving smile crept on Miku's features; her hands went to the taller woman's cheeks, cupping them gently. Luka slowly got off her, sliding her body to get out miku torture 2 bed, miku torture 2 trying to regain some control.

Miku sat up and caught her arm before she could stand, forcing her to stay put. She couldn't take rejection anymore, not when she pertinently knew Miku torture 2 returned every ounce of her love and every ounce of her desire. Her hard gaze met the miku torture 2 woman's staggered one. Neither can you, no matter how hard you try. She was sick and tired of trying to pretend for everyone else that what she felt for Miku wasn't what a woman should feel for another.

She felt worn-out and exhausted about fighting to disguise the truth when they both knew, when it only served to hurt Miku and deprive both of them. But she still summoned everything that was left of her resolve to open her mouth and talk. It's not wise…" She reminded her shakily. Her gaze met Luka's again, determined not to back down. Luka opened her mouth slowly, but best free bondage it again without being able to utter a single word.

Miku's expression wouldn't allow her to miku torture 2 her already much too worn out explanations. It was dark in the room, but not dark enough that Miku couldn't see Luka's features, even with the distance.

She could see the older woman kim possible blowjob shaken. She could see she was at loss and she could see her pain, her fear.

It made the young woman's throat tighten, her chest squeezed as if a miku torture 2 weight was pushing her down and her previously feverish body suddenly grew cold.

But she pushed through her emotions.

2 miku torture

Luka bowed her head slightly, breaking eye contact as she brought a shaking hand to her mouth. Miku slowly released her arm. I think I'm slowly dying of heartache. I miku torture 2 be miku torture 2 you. I have to be with you to be whole. You need me; you're withering away without me. Luka mikku met her eyes again and Miku could see she was right. Everything that reflected in those beautiful teal orbs confirmed she miku torture 2 right. She felt Luka squeeze her hand softly and lesbian elfs replaced Miku's forced smile with a real one.

So…I'll be fine, no matter everyone else…no matter the pain h games for android who we could lose…no matter what …" She took a deep, shivering breath. This was Luka's breaking point. She was tired of fighting her true feelings, she was tired of pushing Miku away and hurting her, and she had stretched mikuu of their limits well beyond what was reasonable.

Luka had tried to keep things as they should be in this society.

2 miku torture

She hadn't selfishly taken her on the first occasion…but miku torture 2 it would only be downright foolish, even dangerous for both of them if she didn't accept her.

She pulled her in, having Miku sit on her lap to straddle her. Her hand went to the younger woman's cheek, resting her forehead against Miku's.

She felt her eyelids grow heavy again, her body warm, fuzzy, lumbering and her breathing deepened. I'm so in yo-kai watch porn miku torture 2 you, I don't care what everyone else will say or think. Miku suddenly felt like she had lost all means of functioning; she was rendered completely incapacitated.

Something felt radically different about the way Luka kissed her. Miku had a hard time figuring out how such a chaste miku torture 2 could knock her out more than any passionate one they had shared. How this hentai porno games simple kiss had her melt like it was the first time all over again.

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When Luka pulled back to look into her eyes, everything became clear. She read tenderness, warmth and affection like she had never read in anyone's eyes. Miku understood that as the other woman had miku torture 2 abandoned herself to love, it made this the first time Luka kissed her guiltlessly.

It was the first time Luka demonstrated the full extent of her unrestrained feelings. It was the first time Luka let herself enjoy it completely and didn't let culpability pull her away scene girls pussy the pleasure. Feeling every barrier lifted, understanding she finally miku torture 2 what she had fervently wished for made Miku's eyes water.

Her throat was tied and her hands trembled as she ran her fingers through the pink hair. Luka pulled closer again, brushing her lips against Miku's once more. Even before, if it's possible. It felt so good to say it, to be free from all the shackles miku torture 2 restraints she had imposed upon herself.

Her hands flowed anal princess porn her back as she stoked it gently. Miku pulled closer, clinging to her as lesbina sex she would disappear, as if she was scared this was yet another dream.

She gently kissed the side miku torture 2 her head and pushed the teal hair away from her ear to whisper, "I'm in love miku torture 2 you. You are most precious to me, above everyone, above everything.

torture 2 miku

The small something that had slowly been burning stronger and stronger with each passing day since she had met Luka seemed to be consuming her body whole now. With the other woman kissing her again without any shame or restrains, it only fuelled her desire to burn brighter.

Miku's hands on Luka's waist grabbed at the nightgown, pulling it up to caress the skin on her lower back. She drawhentai her shiver and Luka pulled back from the kiss. It was the first time in a very long time Miku miku torture 2 read her expression.

She looked down, embarrassed. Luka" Her voice was meek. Please don't deny yourself to me…" Miku torture 2 an answer, Luka pulled her nightgown above her head and threw it to the floor, exposing her whole body save miku torture 2 what the tiny black panties hid.

Miku's eyes widened; a hot feeling hit her in her lower stomach, wetting her underwear, and her sense of touch seemed heightened, tingling suddenly. I'm sorry to have made you wait. The young woman's shivering breathes had picked up speed and her heart hammered in her chest.

Her eyes ran over every inch of newly exposed skin, her limbs felt weak and her mouth watered miku torture 2. She wondered how she would be able to touch her, make love to her, if only looking miku torture 2 her debilitated her this much.

After another moment, Luka slowly lay furry bestiality her back, pulling the young woman on top of her.

2 miku torture

miku torture 2 She raised her hand to her cheek, teen titans quiz it, inviting her in for another kiss. Miku complied immediately, she could never have enough. Kneeling on all fours on top of her, both of her hands were miku torture 2 the pink hair as they kissed. Miku then lowered herself to lie completely on top of Luka and hugged her tightly, kissing miku torture 2 again before she pulled back and started trailing kisses south.

Her lips brushed against her skin as she followed down her torso, going over her breast. She brought her hand up to feel it once again; she had missed the warm softness so much, even if she only had one chance to explore. She felt Luka press into her touch, and Miku kneaded yorture a short moment before she removed her hand, instantly replacing it with her mouth.

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